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Caring and connection

Seasons 1-2

The ASU Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience launched an initiative in response to the pandemic as well as distress around issues of inequity. The “Caring and Connection: Moving Mindfully through a Healing World” initiative includes Midday Mindfulness YouTube sessions which are free and accessible to anyone (internal or external to ASU). The hour-long sessions include at least one mindfulness practice and are led by Center staff as well as guest speakers. Topics range from serious to more lighthearted as they pertain to mindfulness, compassion and resilience (international student successhow to be an allyloneliness and isolationhealth justice and “serious fun”). 

For a complete list of topics, please see this Google document.

Season 3

The Caring and Connection: Equitable Mindfulness for a Transformative Future Initiative centers our transforming hearts using the Equitable Mindfulness framework - a framework designed to apply the foundations of mindfulness to break down barriers to inclusive practices and transformative spaces (Cash, Gueci and Pipe, 2021). As we begin to "open back up,” our senses will be a bit more tender to the experiences that our fellow human beings have lived, witnessed, and suffered through over the past year in the pandemic. These YouTube sessions aim to open our eyes to different ways that BIPOC, queer, neurodivergent and other amazing individuals are thriving through research, business building, and creativity, and invite conversation about joy. Settle in through contemplative practice and expand through conversation.  - Tiara Cash, MS

Video playlist


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The video recordings of the Midday Mindfulness sessions are also available on YouTube.

Midday and equitable mindfulness materials

Season 3 (summer 2021)


Created by Tiara Cash, the Definitions of Terms related to equitable Mindfulness document explains important terms and phrases.

Season 2 (fall 2020)


The well-being of individuals is more important now than ever. The effects of the pandemic have been challenging for all individuals from all aspects. This pdf presentation can be used as a resource to demonstrate how worksites can support mental health for their employees and how wellness programs can operate virtually during these challenging times.

The Wheel of Life is a powerful visualization tool to help you get a quick overview of your current life balance. The Wheel of Life can help encourage you and also motivate you to find areas you may want to put your focus on in order to add more balance to your life.

Learn the basics of Samadhi meditation with author and meditation teacher Stephen Troutman. Samadhi meditation promotes calmness through the practice of turning away from thoughts and the senses instead focusing on the breath or other object. View meditation series overview (PDF).

Learn about how meditation promotes health and wellness with author and meditation teacher Stephen Troutman. In this second part of a six part series, he teaches you about the science behind meditation. View Meditation Part 2: Health, Wellness, and the Science of Meditation (PDF).

Learn about how meditation was influenced by the history and teachings of the Buddha with teacher Stephen Troutman. In this third part of a six part series, he furthers your meditation practice and introduces one of the many cultures that have influenced mindfulness. View Meditation Part 3: The Buddha and His Teachings (PDF)

Learn about the types of meditation with teacher Stephen Troutman. In this fourth part of a six part series, he furthers your meditation practice and helps you find the right type of meditation for you! View Meditation Part 4: Types of Meditation (PDF).

Learn about subtle energy and the three energy systems with author and meditation teacher Stephen Troutman. In this fifth part of a six part series, he teaches you about how to use energy as part of your meditation practice. View Meditation Part 5: Energy (PDF).

Learn about guided meditation with author and meditation teacher Stephen Troutman. In this final installment of a six part series, he teaches you the two types of meditation and how to practice self-directed, guided meditation. View Meditation Part 6: Guided Meditation (PDF).

The Sanctity of All Creations
— Poem by Evaline Brown

Watercress on the little stream are piled like green coins
Pure, selfless, and invaluable service
I hope to follow in its path
I peered into my reflection on the water, but I didn’t see myself.
I only saw the plants, and the sky, and the creatures
Spring pollen showered over us
My whole being felt cleansed and light

View Mindfulness, Equity and Health

Season 1 (spring 2020)


Imposter Syndrome, widely prevalent in Academia, is a psychological pattern of self-doubt. You are not alone if you find yourself experiencing this syndrome. Click on this resource from the Graduate School at ASU to discover some practical ways to resolve Imposter Syndrome using these resilience tools and best practices.

Education is a powerful tool to help expand our ever-changing mindsets and hearts to include more love and spaces for equity! If you are looking for ways to educate yourself or help to educate others, please check out this resource guide.

“When we scratch the wound and give into our addictions, we do not allow the wound to heal. But when we instead experience the raw quality of the itch or pain of the wound and do not scratch it, we actually allow the wound to heal. So not giving in to our addictions is about healing at a very basic level.” - Pema Chodron View PDF here.

"...None of us know all the answers, but using your practice to hone in on listening, feeling, and being is a great way to hold space in difficulty." View PDF here.

Interested in learning more about Mindful Eating and the 9 types of hunger? After checking out our Mindful Eating Session featuring Dr. Dara James on YouTube, you can follow this link for more videos!

Looking for the resources presented at today’s Science of Mindfulness Session (5/18 - Check out this pdf.

"Do you practice self-care regularly? Most of us don’t. One major reason we fail to infuse self-care into our daily routines is that we don’t actually know what it is. We don’t know what counts as self-care. To understand what self-care is, it’s important to understand what it is not..” Read full article.

Check out this peice from Center Student Intern, Saiarchana Darira, who expresses her journey to find her worth outside of of achievements. View PDF.

Arizona State University College of Health Solutions alumna Tiara Cash describes what she does for a living as “reaching out and holding space for others.” Read article.

There are many different definitions and ways of thinking of Holding Space. Center defines it as an opportunity to extend your mindfulness practice to another person by seeing, hearing, and holding what it is they need. Think of holding space as creating a bond for another person to be brave and express who they really are. View PDF.

Anyone else out there having a difficult time keeping up with the days? Check out these resources on explanations of why our brain is dealing with this time shift. View PDF.

In such a time of global change, how do we comfort those who might be feeling extra pressure? Here are a few common conversation blockers that we can try to avoid using in a comforting conversation. View PDF

"...Today, I just want to be another human. Experiencing life and letting life take a hold of me."... Dear World poem (also found on: The Crowned Series Blog)

When we consider our own heart is the arena, our own feelings are there with us and we face them with courage and resilience, we have the chance to dare greatly in this worthy cause. View PDF.

Given our current COVID-19 social distancing situation, loneliness may be more noticeable in your daily life and in the lives of those around you. View PDF

Loneliness itself is not a mental illness, but rather a universal human experience and signal for self-caring action, much like hunger or thirst. View PDF Article

When we think of creating clearings for your purpose, this mandatory period of being alone and isolated can be considered a gift to introspect and work through some inner challenges. View PDF

As you encounter news, whether by TV, social media, websites or email, please consider these factors... View PDF

In the midst of uncertainty and disruption, rituals can remind us of stability and security. View PDF

When we focus on limitations or restrictions, it places our mindset in a non-growth mode. But, we can choose differently! View PDF

What better time than now to practice self-compassion and compassion for others? Here are some tips to use in uncertain times. View PDF

Boredom is a great chance to invoke our creative capacity! Here are 10 activities to boost creativity and resilience during times of uncertainty. View PDF

Mindfulness in community can help us tap into the power of resilience by gathering and acting upon our innate need for belonging and togetherness. View PDF