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Undergraduate student

What is mindfulness to you?

For me, mindfulness encompasses an individual being able to fully become aware of their present state. Mindfulness can be difficult to maintain. A person must understand what stressors he or she has in life and try his/her best to minimize them. Mindfulness also involves trying to bring one's self into a state of peace and calmness.

How has the practice of mindfulness affected your life (personally and professionally)?

As a student in Barrett, The Honors College, I had the opportunity to complete my thesis on a topic involving the concept of mindfulness. My thesis, Methods of Relaxation for Promoting Sleep in Patients Diagnosed with Cancer, expanded my understanding of the impact of mindfulness practices, such as Tai Chi and Autogenic Training. I adopted these techniques into my own life in order to  help relieve every day stressors. I have found that since initiating these techniques, I am more in tune with my health. I feel a better sense of balance and control in my life.

What does the future hold for the practice of mindfulness?

I am very excited for the bright future of ASU's Mindfulness Center. I  truly believe that the Mindfulness Center will be able to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone associated with ASU. I also believe that our society in general is heading towards focusing more on ways to better people's emotional and physical health through mindfulness practices. Mindfulness is such an important component in everyone's overall well-being.