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Senior Coordinator
ASU First-Year Success Center

What is mindfulness to you? 

Mindfulness is a constantly practicing awareness of myself and those around me. It’s asking yourself “what can I do to improve this situation for the better?”

How do you use mindfulness in your work, research, or practice?

I am mindful of the thoughts, environment, and relationships I create and maintain for myself with every day.  I do my best to be cognizant of my choices whether I am at work, spending time with family and friends, or spending time alone doing an activity I enjoy. This has helped me stay engaged at work, thrive throughout my graduate studies, and reach new achievements at the gym.

How has the practice of mindfulness affected your life (personally and professionally)?

Taking time to be mindful each day taught me more about my own emotions, how I process information and my reactions. Knowing this, I have made a conscious effort to be clear and intentional about how I communicate with others. This has significantly improved both my personal and professional relationships.

 How can mindfulness transform society?

I believe that mindfulness can transform our society to become more appreciative and open to one another. I believe that the better we understand ourselves, the better we can understand others. Mindfulness can challenge not only the way we interact face to face with one another, but also challenge us to think about how we can improve the lives of those we will never meet. I believe that mindfulness is always influencing in the way we practice innovation to create local solutions for global needs.


What does the future hold for the practice of mindfulness?

I believe mindfulness is on the rise! It’s becoming increasingly appreciated and incorporated in businesses, education, and even popular culture. I have no doubt that after we begin to plant the seed of mindfulness into the minds of our latest generation, you will see a ripple effect of people slowing down and harvesting rich relationships with one another.