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Principal Lecturer
ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society

What is mindfulness to you?

Mindfulness is recognizing that all is interconnected, and living accordingly.

How do you use mindfulness in your work, research, or practice?

am a student of Ayurvedic practices, Yoga, Reiki and Polarity. In each of these modalities, I focus on being in a state of intentional gratitude. 

How has the practice of mindfulness affected your life (personally and professionally)?
A. more patience, appreciation and stress relief- personally & professionally
B. I teach in the Humanities and begin each class with a mindful silent minute to transition us to be more present.

How can mindfulness transform society?

I am hoping that, little by little, we move toward civility and develop institutions that reflect it.

What does the future hold for the practice of mindfulness?

The shift in awareness continues, however slowly; yet, there is also a lot of resistance to redefining various concepts such as power, success, and worthiness.