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Kopp Toppel Whiting
Adjunct Professor
ASU and DeVry University

What is mindfulness to you?

Mindfulness is living engaging fully in the present moment by choosing awareness, compassion, empathy, gratitude, and happiness as a healthy way of being towards self, people, nature, and the environment. The heart of mindfulness is living a quality life with peace, freedom, discovery, life- long learning and awe. To build a mindfulness foundation, mindfulness cognitive qualities fosters trust, non-judgments, acceptance, patience, and wisdom; while the affective qualities develop       gentleness, generosity, love, and kindness towards all beings. Mindfulness is the song of both the heart and soul which unites all.

How do you use mindfulness in your work, research, or practice?

I use mindfulness in my ‘work’ which is facilitating learning of how to be successful to entry level college students. It is not work, it is a wonderful passion in which I am lucky and grateful that I immensely and mindfully enjoy and experience. In today’s world, the most significant quality to be successful academically, professionally, emotionally, socially and spiritually is building a foundation of mindfulness qualities, methods, practice, and a way of life. I model and emphasize how the tools of mindfulness correlate with academic success skills and focus on intellectual efficiency. Mindfulness practice guides students to optimize their intellect insightfully with different perspectives, effectively face the challenges. Being mindful allows the students to comprehend richer detailed information       without ordinary reactions of stress of failure of complicated materials. Mindfulness accentuates and deepens critical thinking, technical reasoning, scaffolding, and organization; motivating creativity and confluence; all which are success skills.

How has the practice of mindfulness affected your life (personally and professionally)?

In my personal life, a mindfulness practice and the study of epigenetics gave me the revelation, understanding of how and I have dyslexia and the freedom from the stress and embarrassment of dyslexia and mispronouncing words. Professionally, my mindfulness practice has deeply impacted my facilitation and coaching students to success. Mindfulness increased my awareness, perspectives, and compassion for the student’s challenges and road blocks. I believe I am more productive guiding, motivating, and inspiring the students to tackle their academic, relationships, and personal obstacles with success strategies. Being mindful helps students to detach from their impediments. Mindfully, I believe, I was more efficient and effective coaching the students’ self-awareness, esteem, confidence while assisting them to improve their cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy, while reducing their stress considerably. I have more job satisfaction, happiness, and joy in my life. I am more aware, fulfilled, feeling happy, wonderful every day.

How can mindfulness transform society?

Mindfulness strategies and tools offer the possibility with a calm freshness that all people maintain flexible, non-judging perspectives when society faces depressions, emotions, stress, situations, prejudices, and unjust risks. This benefits society by optimizing and enhancing peace, health, and happiness globally. Mindfulness develops values, global citizen responsibility, cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, self and community acceptance.  Mindfulness delivers hope and freedom.

What does the future hold for the practice of mindfulness?

Mindfulness will bring a shift in paradigm where honor, compassion, empathy and love and kindness reign. Fear will be less, trust will unfold, connections will be strengthened. Mindfulness will empower people will the sense of responsibility and skill to live happily, work joyfully, and care for the well-being of self and others with genuine generosity. Mindful life energy will guide and enhance creativity, discovery, life-long learning, living altruistically, aware, and unselfishly!