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Six-Week Introductory Training in Mindfulness

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Learn how practicing mindfulness can help you calm the mind, cultivate happiness, and open the heart in this 6-week online course. $350/series.

Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention to our present moment experience with a kind, curious receptivity.Increasing mindful awareness has been found to help reduce stress and reactivity, increase positive emotion, and enhance our ability to make wise, caring choices that support our own and other’s well-being.

This six-week course focuses on research supported meditation practices rooted in traditional teachings on mindfulness to develop focused and embodied present moment awareness for a greater sense of ease and well-being. Throughout the course we will engage in a variety of mindful awareness practices, have opportunity for questions and reflection, and explore practical ways to integrate caring awareness into daily activities at work, home and in relationships.

Spring 2022 Schedule

Please contact mindfulness@asu.edu to be notified of next series offering.

About the Facilitator

Ann Sebren, EdD, CMT-P is a Principal Lecturer in the College of Health Solutions and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher-Professional through the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She has been practicing mindfulness for over twenty years and has been teaching mindfulness since 2005. She has over two decades of university teaching experience focused on healthy lifestyles and stress reduction and prevention for enhanced well-being.