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In the Moment, Stories of Mindfulness in Nursing

Dr. Teri Pipe’s Robert Wood Johnson (RWJF) final project for her Executive Fellowship (a video entitled “In the Moment, Stories of Mindfulness in Nursing”) was accepted to the National Academy of Medicine’s new art collection focused on clinician well-being and resilience.  This video will be part of the permanent collection in the National Academy online gallery.

Meditation and Mindfulness for Better Overall Health

Corporate Wellness Magazine

"First of all, what’s the difference between mindfulness and meditation? They’re closely related but slightly different. Meditation can be viewed as a way to clear the mind, let go, and achieve peace and stillness within. Mindfulness is being presently and actively aware of feelings, thoughts, behavior, etc., in a non-judgmental way. The blend of the two techniques is often referred to as “mindfulness meditation.” "

PFC 103: Incorporating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice

Arizona State University

A new mindfulness resource is available through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School. This free module is co-authored by Dean Teri Pipe and led by her Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow colleague, Dr. Kate FitzPatrick. The purpose of the module is to give "real world" examples of how to incorporate mindfulness into clinical practice. A free login is required.

GRA 621: Design School Travel Studio

Arizona State University

GRA 621: Design School Travel Studio of Fall 2017 with Dr. Michelle Fehler