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Equitable Mindfulness Resources

Equitable Mindfulness Resource Sheet

Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

Looking for books to read, apps to download, or personal practices related to equitable mindfulness? Check out this resource page!

Ask the Expert

Arizona State University

Nika Gueci, Executive Director for University Engagement at Center, recently participated in an "Ask the Expert" video for resources on ASU's campus for who are in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, interested in recovery, or want to support someone in recovery. Nika also delves into her doctoral research within this population.

Mindfulness & the Black Community: TheCrownedSeries Spotlight Feature - Tiara Cash


Tiara Cash, Program Manager and Facilitator of the Equitable Mindfulness Initiative, talks about her life as a POC (person of color) and woman within her journey to self-descovery through mindfulness. She ends with advice to others who are young professionals on a similar journey and how she came to this role in higher education through the practice.