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Mary C. Davis

Dr. Mary C. Davis, ASU Professor of Pscyhology and Chair of Research Advancement at the Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience

Dr. Mary C. Davis, ASU Professor of Psychology, has been appointed Center’s Chair of Research Advancement. The Center Research Council aims to facilitate the development of collaborative cross-disciplinary research projects on themes related to increased understanding, application, and sustainability of mindfulness, compassion, and resilience

Her vision for the foci of research will range from “neurons to neighborhoods,” including projects addressing questions at the level of basic bench science, individual and family functioning, and community and global well-being. Among the Council’s most important values are: providing opportunities for mentorship of young, developing scholars; embracing an attitude of inclusion that invites diversity among our scholars as well as the individuals and communities with whom we are partnering; addressing questions with real-world implications, including for underserved individuals and communities; and disseminating findings to both scientific and lay communities.

Professor Davis brings a wealth of experience, as her research has focused on identifying and building the psychological and social resources that help people adapt well to ongoing challenges. Her interests include examining whether and how developing mindfulness minimizes distress and fosters well-being among individuals facing chronic pain and other health challenges.