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Mindfulness Leadership Certificate

Mindfulness leadership image, woman with closed eyes focusing on breathing.


Mindfulness Leadership Certificate for Professional Development 

The Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience (“Center”) at Arizona State University unveils the power of mindful living to advance well-being and engagement through learning and connecting with the community. 

Center’s Mindfulness Leadership Certificate (MLC) is our Signature Program intended for working professionals who are interested in tangible, pragmatic ways to bring mindfulness into their own lives as well as scale the practice to those they lead.

The MLC is a highly experiential program that elevates the values of mindfulness and compassion in resilient leadership. To become a leader in mindfulness, development and maintenance of a personal practice is essential. During this professional development program, Center staff will discuss the intersection of mindfulness, stress reduction, burnout, innovation, and leadership. Participants will practice ways to begin or continue their own mindfulness regimen (body scan, meditation, breathing exercises, dealing with stress, emotional and physical discomfort, mindful communication, lovingkindness meditation, developing a practice of your own) so that they may ​learn ​how ​to ​incorporate ​mindfulness ​into ​​their own lives ​as ​well ​as ​develop ​mindfulness ​efforts ​in ​their work environment. The MLC’s educational setting provides an open space for brave conversations around healthfulness, personal balance and resiliency. 

Participants will develop a draft of their Action Leadership Plan (ALP), a specific and tangible self-constructed guide to bring mindfulness to scale in their teams and work environments. A short “homework” assignment will conclude the requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion. The program can be completed in one 8-hour session or split up into two 4-hour sessions. 

Graduates of the MLC program include: High school administrators and teachers; university students, staff and leadership; recreation center managers; sanitation employees; and city planners. 

MLC Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the link between mindfulness and leadership

  • Select practical tips to infuse mindfulness practice into your own life

  • Write an Action Leadership Plan (ALP) to guide leading mindfulness efforts in your area

 This workshop is meant to be attended on a voluntary basis, without mandate.