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Foundations of Mindfulness for Lawyers

Foundations of Mindfulness for Lawyers

There is no denying that being a lawyer is hard! Challenging deadlines, demanding clients, and the expectation to always be “on” can be stressful and take an unhealthy toll on the mind and body over time.

While there is no easy “fix” to these stressors, there are many strategies lawyers can use daily to better manage the relationship they experience with stress. During this four-session course, lawyers will learn the science behind mindfulness, meditation, compassion, and resilience, and how these teachings can change the way we experience stress and re-define success both personally and professionally. Instructor-led meditations and exercises during class will provide the foundation for students to apply these practices between sessions, which will create an opportunity to develop a consistent practice that can be continued after the course ends. This course is intended for all attorneys and law students regardless of years in the profession or area of practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what mindfulness and meditation are and how to develop a daily practice.
  • Learn how to use mindfulness as a tool to manage stress experienced in the legal profession.
  • Develop skills to practice and find value in compassion toward self and others.
  • Experience how a resilient mindset can allow lawyers to re-define success in their personal and professional lives to increase satisfaction in the legal profession.

About the facilitator

Patty Beck of A Balanced Practice, LLC

Patty Beck is the President and Owner of A Balanced Practice, LLC, where she teaches attorneys practical strategies for incorporating well-being into their personal and professional lives. Prior to discovering her passion for attorney well-being, she worked as an associate at a large law firm in Minneapolis, MN practicing employment law and as a Claim Attorney for a multi-state legal malpractice insurance company where she helped attorneys navigate challenging legal malpractice and ethics complaints.

Next class

This virtual four-week course is held via Zoom. The next series holds classes on Tuesday evenings, 5 - 6 pm AZ time, and runs May 3 - May 24.

Price: $250

Email us at mindfulness@asu.edu for more information.