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Equitable Mindfulness Initiative

With the realities of today’s world, mindful action can be a viewpoint to start a transformative change in communities. With the movement in contemplative education being the forefront of higher education, how can we ensure that these practices don’t numb the need for systematic and oppressive change but instead use introspection as a way to guide the heart and mind to radicalization that includes instead of excludes while understanding that the well-being of others is directly connected to the well-being of self?

 The practice of mindfulness can help to create an answer. Being with the present can create a sense of self that is more accepting of the past and more comfortable with the unknowns of the future, while still being active moment to moment, creating a better blueprint for change. When we can be hypersensitive to the feelings and emotions that we create and experience ourselves, we can then be more open and receptive to the feelings, emotions, and experiences of others. Mindfulness opens you up to a place within yourself that beacons for a “reality check” creating a more resilient mindset so that you may do the same within the world.

The Center for Mindfulness, Compassion, and Resilience is working on an initiative this year focused on finding the intersection between mindfulness and social transformation, activation, social justice, and equity. Our goal is to create a more equitable world through the sustained practice of compassion and mindfulness. While we are still in the creative process of this three-tier foundation initiative, considering why this guidance could be important to the mindful community, has emerged. We are focused on creating programming to focus on:

  1. Personal protection
  2. Mindful Activation, Systematic Change, and Sustainability of Practice
  3. Robust programming with the population in mind

 Equitable mindfulness, is simply, the practice of mindfulness for everyone. The initiative intends to present the concept of mindfulness in a way that speaks to each and all people and uses mindfulness to be active in our communities with a platform to remove barriers and create systematic change. Below you will find some of the ways that the Center for Mindfulness is currently engaging in this initiative:

 Equitable Mindfulness Initiative

  1. Social Justice - intergenerational connectedness; marginalized communities; historical, systematic, personal trauma workshops/presentations
  2. Sustainability - environmental justice, human-creature connection, co-created workshops with demographic in mind
  3. Research - Disseminate Center research (translational science/research to practitioner)

Throughout our website you will find workshops, events, and resources geared toward Equitable Mindfulness. Please feel free to contact Tiara Cash, Culture and Equity Specialist, for any inquiries.

For Center resources on Equitable Mindfulness, follow this link: https://mindfulnesscenter.asu.edu/resources/equitable-mindfulness

Center Research - Equitable Mindfulness:

Bautista, T. G., Cash, T., Dunis, J., Smith, P. G., Young, M., Meyerhoefer, T., & Pipe, T. B. (2019, Nov). Equitable Mindfulness for Social Changes: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Poster accepted for presentation at the American Public Health Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

EM for Social Change: A Mixed Methods Study

 For access to the studies used for this poster presentation, please click the following link: https://mindfulnesscenter.asu.edu/resources/equitable-mindfulness-social-change-mixed-methods-study-resources