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Burnout and Fatigue Workshop

Compassion fatigue image, person helping another by giving hand.

Are you working in a field that requires constant compassion and service towards others? Are you feeling mentally and physically exhausted? Do you struggle to feel capable of making a difference?

Compassion fatigue, empathy fatigue, and burnout are very real challenges facing many of us today, regardless of position or profession.

These challenges can impact not only our job satisfaction and ability to care for those in our care, but have ripples of impact into all areas of our life, health and relationships. Join our 4-hour burnout/fatigue workshops and learn mindfulness-based strategies to replenish and recharge yourself and re-discover purpose and satisfaction in your work and relationships.


For Spring 2022, audience-specific virtual or in-person workshops available upon request.

Email us at mindfulness@asu.edu